The creation of TeTika® skin care is a beautiful story filled with the mystique, splendour and respect for the traditions of the Cook Islands people.


Inspired by the scientific accuracy of ancestral ocean navigation techniques, the Cook Islands traditional custodians the Koutu Nui and Cook Islands Doctor Graham Matheson embarked upon a 10-year research program into regenerative traditional medicines under an agreement considered world’s best practice*. 

The results demonstrated the presence of regenerative agents, one with a remarkable effect on the biology of the top layer of the skin, the epidermis.  The extracts greatly improved the layer without irritant or inflammatory changes. The science was comprehensive and a PhD at UNSW in Australia was awarded for the research**.

Regenerative plants are grown naturally and refined in the Cook Islands using the techniques specifically required to bring out the activity from the plants.  These patented Bioactive Cook Islands Oils have been crafted into a premium skincare range to enhance and rejuvenate the skin in a manner unlike any other.

TeTika meaning Truth and Integrity in the Cook Islands language is the culmination of a thousand years of tradition, and a decade of advanced research.

 Picture: Dr Graham Matheson, father, husband, researcher and founder of TeTika®.