HAND Cream

Te Tika
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Rain Forest

Focus: Dry and rough skin on hands and elbows
Skin benefits: Lightening, protective and healing
for more youthful looking hands
Volume: 100 mL/3.4 fl.oz.



This naturally nourishing hand cream is rich in Vit B5 and tocopherol and contains a potent mix of BioActive Cook Islands Oil, honey and healing extracts from Calendula officinalis, sunflower seed, almond oil and Rumex occidentalis to assist with lightening and improving skin tone. 

This non-greasy cream forms a soft protective film for maximum moisture balance and absorption. It is crafted with a gentle bouquet of peppermint, grapefruit and ginger lily. 

This light hand cream which can be generously applied to achieve softer feeling and younger looking hands. 

Rub a generous portion into your hands, fingers and the base of your nails. 

Apply daily and re-apply as desired.

Regular applications improve uneven or coarse skin on your hands, arms or elbows.