The TeTika skin care was officially launched at Muri Beach, Rarotonga, Cook Islands on the 8th of August 2012.

Officiated by the Prime Minister of the Cook Islands the honourable Mr Henry Puna, and the President of the Koutu Nui Mrs Maria Henderson, the launch marked the coming together of two nations that respectfully acknowledge the creation of a skin care range.  Based on knowledge and understanding of century old traditions and its translation by sciences the creation and launch of this rejuvenating skin care range received the full support of the Cook Islands traditional leaders the Koutu Nui elders. 

The journey that led to the creation of TeTika was told by founder and Cook Islander, Dr Graham Matheson and the story was enacted in song and dance. 

The arrival of a boat, the turo call by the warriors and the traditional handing over of the medicinal plants by the Koutu Nui elders to Graham Matheson were an integral part of the celebrations and the 140 guests attending this private ceremony were introduced to a world of traditions, wonder and beauty, rarely found anymore.

The launch was aptly held on Muri beach, a place of barefoot sophistication, where the colours of the sand, sea and sky provided the inspiration for the look and feel of the TeTika skin care range.  It’s a place where children laugh and playing and peace and serenity hold hands.


It is hard to describe the energy of that evening and the feelings experienced by those attending the unveiling of TeTika.  Words like tranquillity, respect, tradition, fascination, joy, pride and mesmerising beauty spring to mind and while it is impossible to recreate the atmosphere, we hope that our pictures will give you a glimpse of the wonders that we were privileged to experience on that night.   

Kia orana and Meitaki Ma’ata