Polynesian people have beautiful skin but now a new, premium Cook Islands skincare range that assists skin regeneration can finally be shared with the rest of the world.  

TeTika is a skin care range that has its origins in the Cook Islands.  The skin care range is based on the diligent work of Dr Graham Matheson, an Emergency Doctor, Researcher and Cook Islander.  It contains medicinal plant extracts that are grown and processed in traditional Maori methods to maintain the plants wholesomeness. 

All natural and powerful

TeTika products contain natural, organic, plant-based ingredients that have been carefully selected for their purity and effectiveness in promoting beautiful, healthy looking skin.  Powerful plant extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals boost age-defying skin benefits.  

A scent of paradise

Soft and gentle fragrances with underpinning flowery and spicy essential oils evoke a feeling of sophistication and beauty.  The result is a skin care range that works, feel great and has the scent of an Island paradise.   

For we believe in Wonders.